“Ask Father Kevin” – December 17, 2017

John Cawley, from St Gen’s Grade 6 PREP asked,
“Father, I heard you are a sports fan. Do you think the Eagles are going to make it to the Super Bowl? I really hope they do!”
Father Kevin:
“John, before Sunday’s loss of quarterback Carson Wentz to a season-ending knee injury, I think they had a great chance, assuming home field advantage in the NFC Championship game if they advanced that far. But now, I think it unreasonable to view the Eagles as NFC championship caliber with backup quarterback Nick Foles. Wentz was perhaps a leading candidate for MVP. Foles is a backup quarterback for a reason. He will be adequate. But adequate does not defeat the Seattle Seahawks, Los Angeles Rams, New Orleans Saints or Minnesota Vikings, even at home. Even with a very good Eagles defense. The big play I think will no longer be a part of the Eagles offense, and while the running backs are solid, the left side of the Eagles offensive line is a serious weakness, and that’s not good with a backup quarterback who is not elusive. We should know a lot about Foles and the Eagles’ playoff chances by season’s end, but it’s tough to see them going very far without Wentz. Sorry, John!”
Wentz a Man of Prayer
Ya gotta love Carson Wentz, a devout Christian, who tweeted the following, quoting the Book of Proverbs (3: 5-6) after news of his season-ending knee surgery:
“I greatly appreciate all the prayers! I know my God is a powerful one with a perfect plan. Time to just lean in to him and trust whatever the circumstances!”
May the Good Lord bless No. 11 with strength, patience, healing and a full recovery for next season.
-Fr. Kevin

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