From the Pastor’s Desk – February 25, 2018

A Special Message from Father Kevin. . . 

Highlights from Fr. Kevin’s announcement last weekend.

In my 8 months as pastor, I’ve been blessed to be embraced by a new family of faith — as a community of pastoral committees, lay leadership, volunteers and one of the flagship schools in the Archdiocese – that has seen immense growth and shared a welcoming spirit that reaches far beyond our parish boundaries.

The present and the future of St. Genevieve Parish and St. Genevieve School, Sr. Theresa will attest, has never been brighter. St. Genevieve, I am extremely proud to say, has become one of the most desired parishes and schools in the region. With that growth, I have personally felt great frustration at times over our vastly inadequate facilities and have worried about our ability to support such growth and keep St. Genevieve at the top of the most-desired list when it comes to parents choosing a parish and school that is the gold standard in Catholic Education.

Sadly, practically all of the activities, fundraisers, parish events, athletic practices and fun memories take place off campus, and not without considerable cost. I pray that one day in the near future these limitations that threaten our future may no longer exist.

About two years ago – well before my June 2017 arrival — a group of parents guided by passion, our Catholic faith and a desire to provide the absolute best to help our students maximize their God-given gifts, approached Msgr. Matz and formed a Feasibility Committee to research all issues involved and to gauge the appetite among our community to undertake the fundraising efforts required to build a facility that would include badly needed meeting rooms, a gymnasium, permanent stage, full-service cafeteria with kitchen and needed storage space, and perhaps additional classrooms. I now know that YES, our campus can support a new multi-purpose facility. I have approved our committee’s move to a more serious phase, exploring designs and–most importantly–determining how much we can raise as a community to fund such a project and within what time frame. Inspired by the expertise, drive, ideas and a vision I share with this dedicated committee, led by Matt and Erin McKee —- it is with tremendous optimism that I share my feeling that NOW IS THE TIME for us to move forward. I am confident we can do this together. I also ask you to share my vision of the endless possibilities: Dream with me…

+ Our children’s choir or school show cast rehearsing on the stage behind a sound-proof curtain while our girls’ and boys’ basketball teams practice down below on the basketball court, while two parish meetings are going on elsewhere. I dream of comfortably seating 500-700 for an overflow Christmas Eve Mass.

+  I dream of this campus being a hub of activity for our children, and hosting parish celebrations, school shows, CYO dinners, graduations, school dances, a Christmas Bazaar or Fall Festival, the parish auction and winter Movie Nights for the kids. And I dream of fun family fitness activities such as teenage and adult volleyball leagues, shuffleboard for our senior citizens and Workout Nights for Dads and Moms. It is amazing all that we accomplish here, by the grace of God, with such limited facilities. We can make the sky the limit with a new facility.

There are tremendous fundraising and naming rights potential both within our parish and within the corporate and business community. I welcome your input and referrals. There are a hundred questions, I know. Many do not have complete answers yet, but they soon will.

We as a committee and I as your pastor promise to share additional details in a public way as we conclude our assessments and determine the best path forward — into a bright and exciting future together here at St. Gens!

Thank you for your prayers and continued support. God Bless you all!

Father Kevin

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