From the Pastor’s Desk – August 05, 2018

We Need to Plant Seeds at Home

It was so heartwarming to receive several letters and verbal expressions of gratitude for our hosting Fr. Steve DeLacy, our Archdiocesan Vocations Director, at Masses last weekend. Fr Steve is one of the best examples we have of a priest whose joy for the priesthood is so evident in all he does and says. Most notably, that is sharing with area men the wonderful life that a calling to the priesthood can be.

Father connected his vocations homily so beautifully with his personal calling story and the Gospel of the Feeding of the 5,000 and how Jesus took one youngster’s seemingly insignificant offering of five loaves and two fish and miraculously turned it into food for all. Father stressed that that is how God works with vocations, too. With a simple seed being planted at home by parents who encourage openness to a priestly (or religious, for women) calling by God of their children. God does the rest!

One of several parishioners who wrote me was Tuba Malachowski, an inspiring mother of three who converted to Catholicism and received her sacraments last
Holy Saturday. Tuba wrote:

    “Father, I wanted to thank you and tell you how touched I was with Father’s homily. Father talked about the importance of praying for and planting the seed for vocations to our children at an early age. In my humble opinion this ties perfectly with the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS). In this world of technology and speed, we are all to be blamed for not talking to our children enough about God. Instead of telling them to pray two Hail Marys to quiet their minds, we give them a loud iPad (or cell phone!) so they leave us alone but yet, their minds are more crowded than before…

     The Atrium of CGS is a perfect place for children to be alone with God and feel the kindle of their vocation. When our first son Andrew was born, someone told me to start praying for his vocation. I didn’t know how to pray.  As a non-Catholic at the time, I had to rely on outside resources to teach my child the love of God. CGS was a true blessing we found when he was three.  It did not only teach him (and my other children) to love God, but what they brought home showed me God’s true love for us– and that led to MY conversion.
Father also spoke of how so many of his target audience of
15-35-year-old men and women do not attend Mass. My children are kids and do a lot of complaining, but one thing they never complain about is going to Mass at St. Genevieve. In CGS, they learn what Mass is about and what every action of the priest means. And they participate!
I am a true believer of little hearts changing big hearts. Doing small things with great love. CGS is the smallest thing we can do for our children in a
lifelong path of loving God and living His Love. May you continue to help us spread this great work of God with your wonderful homilies and meaningful announcements!
In Christ through Mary,  

Thank you, and Praise God for you, your children and family, Tuba! So beautifully expressed. I know so many of our parents share your feelings, as well. This message will be central as we catechize both our SGS and PREP children – and our parents — this year.

Moms and Dads, grandmoms and grandpops, we need you. I need you. Our Church needs you to plant seeds with your children, about God, the power of attending Mass, and God’s Plan for their lives, including a possible call to the priesthood or religious life.

Embrace that moment when it comes as one of joy – that God would Call your son or daughter! Nurture that seed from God with encouragement and support. It will bloom in beauty and true happiness!

Father Kevin