Pastoral Council Election Results


We would like to thank all those who voted in the election. Also, we would like to thank all the candidates and nominees for their prayerful consideration of God’s call to serve the parish in this vital capacity.

As a result of the election process, Toni Jefferson and Pat Somers will be joining the PPC in September of this year.

The Parish Pastoral Council (PPC) is a consultative body with the role of advising and assisting the pastor in areas of pastoral concern. In an atmosphere of prayerful reflection, the PPC fosters the participation of the entire parish in the life and mission of the Church. The PPC along with the Finance Council exists in accordance with Canon Law and its make-up is established by the Ordinary of the Diocese

The PPC is composed of the Pastor, representative parish staff members and lay members of the parish.  The Council is to reflect the diversity within the parish.

Members of the PPC consist of ex officio, elected and appointed members.  The PPC meets about five times each year to discuss issues affecting the parish.

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