From the Pastor’s Desk – January 28, 2018

The Reverse Eagles Jinx?

Let’s see. I thought that after losing quarterback Carson Wentz to injury that the Eagles season was over. No way, I said, with Nick Foles — a backup — at quarterback, were the Eagles going to do anything in the playoffs. Not even with home field advantage, a good defense and some weapons.  While rooting for them, I didn’t think they would beat Atlanta in the playoffs. Wrong.

I felt even more strongly that the Minnesota Vikings defense, No. 1 in the NFL, would be too much for Foles and the Eagles. Wrong again.

I should have paid attention to Scripture.

While attending a funeral Mass at St Ephrem in Bensalem this week, I noticed their parish marquee along Hulmeville Rd. which reads as follows:

The word Eagle is written in the Bible 32 times.

Falcon appears 7 times.

Viking appears zero times.

So, I looked it up this week. While there are many passages in Scripture about Patriotism, the word Patriot does not appear at all.

So, I’m going with it. I learned my lesson. I believe in Nick Foles and the Underdog Eagles. They played the Perfect Game in defeating Minnesota, and can’t possibly repeat perfection against the defending champion Patriots.

But they know they can win. Every facet of the game is clicking for the Eagles. Many have suggested in fun that I pick the Patriots to assure that the Eagles win again. I was tempted to do so.



But in Foles I trust. Eagles 24, Patriots 20.

See you at the parade!


As we celebrate Catholic Schools Week at St. Gen’s and throughout the Archdiocese, let us all pause this week to personally thank a Catholic school teacher, a nun, a catechist, and parents who sacrifice to send their children to Catholic schools.  How blessed we are to have one of the finest schools in the country here at St. Gen’s, the ONLY three-time National Blue-Ribbon School in the Archdiocese!

Thank you, Sister Theresa & all our teachers!


Enjoy the week, everyone! God Bless you all!

–Father Kevin

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