Baby Bottle Returns: April 21/22

Baby Bottles for Life Fundraiser for the Legacy of Life Foundation is in full swing! Last weekend many took home a baby bottle to fill with spare change to help change the life of a baby and mother! This weekend please drop off your baby bottle containing your donations  Place the bottles in the bassinettes this weekend. If you are unable to do so this weekend, they can be dropped off at the Rectory this week. Thank you for your generosity to these mothers who choose life.

Your donations will go to The Legacy of Life Foundation to help women in crisis and their unborn and newborn babies.  Legacy of Life support is with these mothers-to-be for the 9 months of pregnancy, and for at least three years after their babies are born! In 10 years, over 1,500 women and babies were saved from abortion at the centers you are asked to support. In 2017 alone, 448 women chose life at Legacy of Life-supported centers.

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