From the Pastor’s Desk – October 14, 2018

Respect Life

Last Sunday we joined together as a parish community at Mass and in praying the Rosary for Life in commemoration of Respect Life Sunday, always the first Sunday in October, Respect Life Month.

We again will celebrate Life as a nation and Church in January, when hundreds of thousands will pray and March for Life. Respect Life month was established by the Bishops to serve as re-awakening for all of us that Each of our lives, EVERY LIFE, is worth living, and respecting, no matter the circumstances. From the moment of conception to natural death.

Every month, every day we should celebrate and pray for greater Respect for Life.

We as Christians and Catholics are called to respect and protect our lives and the lives of others, and we are called to be the voice of Christ in defending the right to life for all, especially the most vulnerable, those in the womb who can not defend themselves!

   We are all called to stand up and defend Life! Yet, so, so sadly, Life has been turned into a political issue in our country. It is a human right, not an issue ! Our Constitution declares it so, in protecting Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness ! How can so many – including elected officials — reduce Life to an issue, to a Choice…..? A choice? A baby in the womb. A choice? It sickens me every time I hear it, knowing another baby will die via abortion. Because someone thinks it was their choice ! Their choice … to prevent or destroy life, and alter God’s plan for creating life. This month we also must continue to pray for those in need of healing, and forgiveness, and in gratitude and praise for all mothers in difficult situations — perhaps out of wedlock – who choose life. They need our love and support and understanding, not our condemnation.

God has given each of us one life to live.  He gives it to those in the womb as well. Each deserving of dignity, we pray, to a ripe old age. Each with inestimable value, until the day when God calls us to HIM, perhaps through the cross of suffering. Our young people are so critical in walking this walk of faith, and defending life, for future generations.

Life. Let us respect it. Praise it. And praise the creation of life and countless blessings through the sacred bond of marriage by a man and a woman.

Let us celebrate Life, and Marriage. And defend them, every chance we get.

   And ask ourselves and those who wish to destroy Life one question: Where Would We Be if someone had not given us – and them – Life?  Where would we be? Where would they be?  Where? Where? Where?

Father Kevin

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