From The Pastor’s Desk – March 10, 2019

Big Shoes for God to Fill

Last weekend, our amazingly dedicated Joan Dierkes, our parish Director of Religious Education the past four years, following 10 years as a catechist, followed a meeting with me by doing one of the more difficult things she has done here:

Joan informed her St. Gen’s PREP catechists and all our parents that, after much prayer, she believes God is leading her to a new career challenge. Mrs. Dierkes’s time as a very happy DRE will come to a close at the end of April. She has accepted an opportunity to return to her career academic field, mechanical engineering.

We all will greatly miss her talents, energy, creativity and leadership of our children. At the same time, we share happiness for her, knowing that God had a hand in this difficult decision, and He will continue to bless her in her new career pursuit.

As I now post the salaried position, I trust and pray that God will send us another Mrs. Dierkes, to carry on all that Joan will leave in place come May, with the most dedicated catechists and supportive parents a pastor and DRE could ask for.

Joan’s good work will continue as she and her team prepare our children for Lent, Easter, First Holy Communion and more. I am grateful that Mrs. Dierkes also will assist me in the search for her successor, to continue to build on the firm foundation our team, including our PREP families, began this year with an inspiring Sunday PREP program.

It’s too early for a fond farewell but let us all give thanks these next two months for the special gifts God brought to St. Gen’s in Mrs. Dierkes and pray for her continued happiness.

God bless you all! Have a Blessed Lent!

                      — Father Kevin

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