From the Pastor’s Desk – April 21, 2019

Let Every Day Be Easter!

These beautiful words from Pope St. John Paul II’s reflection on the 15th Station of the Cross, the Resurrection of Jesus speak to us so powerfully of what this Easter Sunday should mean to all of us, my friends. I hope they touch you as they did me each time, we walked the Way of the Cross this Lent.

    “After the cross comes the crown. 40 days of sacrifice, prayer and almsgiving and these past three days of solemn waiting, today we celebrate Jesus’s Resurrection. He is victorious! The Light of the World has conquered darkness. The Way, the Truth and the Life has overcome death. We hear Jesus’s words, “Peace be with you.” We feel joy in our hearts. We sing again that acclamation of praise, “Alleluia!”

   His triumph is ours as well. Today, and in the many other Easters of our lives, we rise above our failures, our burdens and our struggles. We, too, emerge victorious. Throughout our own Good Fridays, the Risen Lord is by our side, pledging that we, too, will rise again, both here and hereafter, in the life yet to come!’’

   You all will be especially remembered in my Easter Masses, in gratitude for the blessings you are to me and to so many in our St. Genevieve Parish community and those we serve and assist through your participation, involvement and generosity, year-round.

    To the many of you who are with us today for the first time, or who are not regularly with us for Mass, I offer a warm St. Genevieve Family “Welcome Home” and a prayer for you, as well, that this Easter, you and your family will be renewed in the joy of the Risen Christ, and commit yourselves to experiencing new life in Christ, lived out in the practice of your Catholic faith.
We, the faithful of St. Genevieve Parish, are a Catholic, Christian Community committed to the gospel message that Jesus Christ is our Savior. We spread the Good News of Easter every day and we strive to accomplish this mission by:

  • Welcoming everyone to be a part of our worshiping community through prayer, the Eucharistic celebration and the other sacraments.
  • Witnessing to the Truth in word and deed, by teaching and proclaiming God’s Word; loving our brothers and sisters; healing those in need; and in service to the poor through our various ministries. Our new Information Center and our Parish Ambassadors will be happy to assist you or answer any questions you may have, and my door is always open.

Thank you and God Bless you all this Easter!

Father Kevin

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