From The Pastor’s Desk – September 8, 2019

Welcome, PREP Students, Families!

We welcome back today as a parish community all of our children who attend public schools as we resume our Sunday PREP (religious education) program, this year under the direction of Mrs. Patricia Coady!

      A special thank-you to all the parents who fulfill your obligation – pledged at your child’s Baptism – to educate your children in the Catholic faith. It was so refreshing and encouraging for me, as pastor, to see the progress of our PREP students in knowing their prayers and learning the most important foundational elements of our faith (Ten Commandments, Sacraments, the Mass, the Rosary, the Stations) as a result of the new Sunday program started last year. (With shortened class time leading into attending Mass).

      I pray that all those who have not yet registered your children for PREP will do so ASAP!  Religious education, I remind, is not a twice-in-a-lifetime class to prepare a child for their First Penance, Holy Eucharist and Confirmation, which itself requires two years of preparation.  The Mass is the central anchor of our faith, our PREP program, as well as the daily faith formation of our St. Genevieve School children.

     Prayerful thanks to Mrs. Coady and all her catechists and aides for their dedication to guiding our children in their faith, and to all of the parents/grandparents and guardians who make the growth of our children in their faith – at school, PREP and at home — a priority.

     The rewards and Graces are everlasting.





God Bless you all


– Father Kevin

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