From Deacon Conroy’s Desk, December 1, 2019


The spiritual equivalent

of “are we there yet?”

            Is there a person alive who does not remember uttering those words “are we there yet?” while sitting unbuckled in the “way back” of the family station wagon on your way “down the shore?” Call me a cynic but I’ll bet I’m not the only one who sometimes feels the same way about Advent.

It seems that as the world becomes supposedly less complicated through recent technological advances, we still find ourselves waiting…

Waiting for that package to arrive that we ordered online in record speed. Waiting in line at the self-checkout station at the supermarket, designed to eliminate the evils of waiting. Waiting a few extra seconds for that text to send when the Wi-Fi signal isn’t great. Waiting for that great job to come along. Or waiting for that elusive perfect relationship. It never ends.

Researchers tell us that the average person will spend 5 years of his or her life waiting in line, 2 years playing telephone tag, and six months sitting at red lights. That is over 7 ½ years of waiting.

The bottom line is that even in our fast-paced world, we are all waiting for something. However, as strange as it sounds, during the Advent season, we discover a purpose to our waiting.

During the Advent season we symbolically participate in the waiting of the patriarchs, kings, prophets, and priests, as we await Christ’s final and glorious return.

As we wait in long lines this Advent season, or as we wait for anything really, I think it is important that we remember the waiting of those expecting the Messiah, and always wait with patience, humility, and expectant hope in a state of prayer. I know it is difficult, but especially during Advent, waiting prayerfully and patiently, in the manner of our Lord and his Blessed Mother, is not only a good spiritual discipline, but could also lower our risk of holiday-induced hypertension.

It seems like we’re all waiting for something, so why not use these experiences to enhance our Advent disciplines by prayerfully waiting, joining our prayers with Isaiah, Zechariah, and all the saints?

Portions excerpted from: Advent Reflections: “We’re All Waiting for Something”by David Bennett 12-5-16

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