~Priest Schedule~
Saturday Vigil, April 24
5pm: Rev. Carl Janicki
Sunday, April 25
7:30: Rev. Carl Janicki
10:30: Rev. John Lyons (livestream)
5pm: Rev. Carl Janicki


~Mass Schedule Change~

We are going to temporarily modify our weekend and weekly worship schedule effective Monday, January 4, 2021.  The addition of a Communion Service on Monday allows the assembly to experience different prayer leaders from among the parish community.
Our temporary modified schedule is:
Monday- 8AM Communion Service No 8AM Mass
Tuesday- 6:30 and 8AM Masses
Wednesday- 8AM Mass
Thursday- 8AM Mass No 6:30AM Mass
Friday- 8AM Mass
Saturday-No daily Mass
Saturday-Anticipated Mass for Sunday (Vigil) 5PM
(Confessions remain 3:30-4:30PM)
Sunday- 7:30, 10:30AM, and 5PM Masses No 9AM Mass



All rectory requests need to begin with a phone call, 215-836-2828.
You may call the rectory at any time during the week
and talk to someone or leave a message.

(1) We are grateful for your cooperation in picking up and dropping off parish business without having to come into the rectory and will continue to address as many needs in this fashion. In the event an in-person meeting is necessary, the parish office will be open for you on Monday to Thursday 9am to 4pm, and Sunday 10:00am-12pm. For your safety and the safety of our pastoral team all in person meetings need a scheduled appointment.

(2) For your safety and the safety of other rectory visitors, when you arrive please call the rectory from the parking lot before coming to the door, 215-836-2828. As per ordinary Covid-19 precautions, for all in person rectory visits a mask or face covering must be worn at all times.

We are all in this together and we would appreciate your feedback to better serve you. St. Genevieve is a strong and charitable faith community. Covid-19 may change our short term processes but not the essentials of who we are. God bless you and please be safe.


Livestream Mass Now Available!

Our cameras are installed, the software is functioning, and we will be streaming the 10:30am Mass every Sunday. We will be using YouTube for our streaming platform.  Our channel is:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1JfmyLNbGqiuKx-CtYRMsQ/featured


Parish Happenings