Parish Update News

CONFESSIONS: Though public Masses have been suspended, Father Kevin will be available OUTDOORS IN THE MARY GARDEN to hear confessions this Saturday from 3-4 pm and next Saturday, Holy Saturday from 3-4 pm, weather permitting. Penitents and Father will sit on the separated benches in front of the Blessed Mother statue, adhering to the safe distancing guidelines. Those wishing to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation should approach the Mary Garden from the Bethlehem Pike sidewalk around to the back of church. Other arrangements will be made if raining.

PALM SUNDAY: On Sunday, April 5 from 10 am to 11 am, Father Kevin will safely distribute blessed palm branches to the faithful pulling up outside the main entrance of church. Father will wear gloves and hand the branches to the driver and give a blessing from a safe distance. To abide by safe distancing directives, only the driver should be in the car. Cars should form a one-way line from the Parish Hall side to the front of church, exiting only onto Bethlehem Pike. The main Bethlehem Pike entrance will be exit only. No palm will be available at the rectory, though it will be available at a later date once Masses resume.

The Blessed Sacrament is exposed and illuminated for private safe-distance prayer and adoration every day in the large window behind the altar facing the Mary Garden and convent. Please consider stopping during a walk to pray for our parish, the sick and for an end to this health crisis. This will serve as our place of prayer on Holy Thursday and on Good Friday, when the cross will be prominent in the window for all to venerate from outside.

MASS OFFERINGS: During this difficult time, our St. Genevieve priests continue to offer their private daily Masses for the scheduled Mass intentions of our deceased.

YOUR COLLECTION OFFERINGS are vital to our parish and school’s financial stability during this crisis. Father Kevin is most grateful to all who have sent or dropped off your envelopes/offerings, as bills and payroll still must be met. Please also considering registering for ONLINE GIVING by clicking the box in the upper right of this homepage.

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