Online Giving

How does Online Giving work?

This secure program works directly with your bank, credit, or debit card in the same way as other electronic funds transfer payments you may already conduct (such as utility bills or your mortgage payment). All transactions are processed electronically, debiting your bank account or charging your credit/debit card automatically for the amounts you designate.

Advantages for All

As a church that seeks to serve, St. Genevieve’s want to provide you the convenience of being able to give the way you want, whenever you want. Online Giving costs nothing and provides many advantages such as…

Advantages for You:

    • No check writing or ATM stops before church.
    • Safe, secure, and confidential transactions.
    • Use your checking/savings account or credit/debit card.
    • Credit card option allows you to take advantage of benefits such as airline mileage and cash back bonuses.
    • Schedule recurring or one-time donations.
    • Change a gift or account anytime you like.
    • View your giving history anytime.
    • Creates faithful giving – recurring gifts help you make giving a priority.
    • Provides a way to support your church every week – even if you are out of town, away on vacation, unable to attend church due to weather, illness or a family emergency. Your gifts will always be received.

Advantages for St. Genevieve’s:

    • Streamlines overall process for weekly collections, allowing St. Gen’s staff more time to focus on other pastoral priorities.
    • Your gift will come even if you are out of town or unable to attend Mass. This gives St. Gen’s a better idea of the funds we rely on week after week which allows us to more effectively plan our programs and services.