We have again subscribed to FORMED.Org on behalf of the entire Parish.  Our Parish Code is G6JH2C.  FORMED has a lot of new and exciting content expounding on our Faith.  Please sign in and look at what is available.

Mass Intentions

The Mass Book is open.  Announced Masses are available for weekdays and Sundays.  Please contact the parish office to request a Mass. The offering remains $10, payable by check or cash. Mass Intentions are on a first-come first-serve basis. Mass … g

New Parishioner Meet-n-Greet: June 3

All our newly registered parishioners are invited to our parish “Meet-n-Greet” hospitality reception on Sunday after the 10:30 Mass. It’s a great opportunity to meet other new parishioners and ask Father any questions you may have! Hope you’ll join us!