(3.24.2020) St. Genevieve Mass Offerings

St. Genevieve Mass Offerings

During this difficult time, our St. Genevieve priests continue to offer their private daily Masses for the assigned intentions: These are the Mass offerings for March 22 through Palm Sunday. Sunday Masses that are not offered will be rescheduled. Let us pray for all our deceased parishioners, loved ones and friends:

Fourth Week of Lent
Sunday: March 22: Rich Lisko
                               Frank Short
(to be rescheduled: Marge Kranich, Mildred Dunst, James & Rebecca Guidici)
Monday, March 23: John Campbell.
Tuesday, March 24: Raymond “Skeets” Seminack 1st Anniversary
Wed. March 25: Barbara Pietrusinska, Marie A. Cunningham
Thursday, March 26: Frank Donnelly
Friday, March 27: Frank Donnelly
Saturday, March 28: (moved from Sunday): Eulalie Combas Sangho

Fifth Week of Lent
Sunday, March 29: Mr & Mrs. Paul Ruggeri
                         William Drayton
                        James Brooks 
(to be rescheduled: Mr & Mrs. Eugenio Brun)
Monday, March 30: Veronica L. Roman
Tuesday, March 31: Veronica Staunton
Wednesday, April 1: Veronica L. Roman
Thursday, April 2: Attilio J. Galanti, Jr.
First Friday, April 3: Pearl Lynch
Saturday, April 4: Mary & Raymond Puntel (moved from Sunday)

Palm  Sunday, April 5: Rose & Michael Conroy
                                         Max Brun
                                         Mary M. Collias
(to be rescheduled: Marie Frances Angeli)                                         
Monday, April 6: Nancy PriceTuesday,
April 7: The Regan Family
Wednesday, April 8: Irene A. Fisher

No Mass Offerings Are Taken During the Easter Triduum or Easter Sunday.

May these and all the faithful departed rest in the Peace of Christ. Amen. 

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