“Trouble with Angels” Friday, June 21 in our Outdoor Mary Garden Theater!

Save the Date, Friday night, June 21, to celebrate the end of the school year and the beginning of summer as our parish Good Samaritan Society bring us the 1966 comedy classic, “Trouble with Angels” — filmed right here in our area! (Germantown Academy, Erdenheim’s Fitz Dixon farm, Flourtown Rd., Stenton Ave., etc.)

Starring Rosalind Russell as Mother Superior and Haley Mills, “Trouble with Angels” is a funny coming of age story of two high school girls at St. Francis Academy (St. Mary’s on Bethlehem Pike), a Catholic boarding school for girls. The story spans three years and follows the girls and their many pranks including setting off fire alarms, smoking cigars in the basement and putting bubble baths in the nuns’ sugar bowls. As the girls mature, they gain a greater respect for their teachers and the commitment and devotion required to be a nun, leading one of them to make a life changing decision.

A fun family movie for all ages, students, parents and grandparents. Turn back the clocks to

“Trouble with Angels” Friday, June 21 in our outdoor Mary Garden theatre!

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