To the Faithful of St. Genevieve Parish:

It is with a heavy heart that I inform you that after many months of discernment and prayer, Archbishop Perez has supportively granted my request to be relieved of my position as pastor of St. Genevieve after three years of tireless service and love of this parish community.

I have requested to be reassigned as a parochial vicar, a position in which I enjoyed great happiness in my first two years of priesthood. That happiness and zeal gradually began to wane in me here at St. Genevieve as the many administrative pressures and duties began to burden me, and I realized last year that I no longer was the happy priest that I was in my first four years of priesthood.

It was not a difficult decision. In my short time here, I’ve shared with many that when faced with a decision, “whenever we continually pray and seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit,” only then can we trust that the answer we receive and the decision we make is the correct one.”

Having done that, this decision, I know, is the right one.

I look forward to being a happy priest again, and I will depart proud of the long list of achievements, new ideas, outreach, and spirit of involvement and community that I helped bring to St. Gen’s. I take heart in the knowledge that my successor – whenever announced — is coming to a parish and school that are fully alive and well, and that with continued support you can all look forward to a very bright future.

Know that all of you and your families will be in my prayers, and I ask that you say one for me.

God bless you,
Father Kevin

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