From Father Carl – December 13, 2020

From Father Carl

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We have reached the halfway point of Advent.  How is your Advent prayer journey with God going?  With all the chaos going on, Advent may be the furthest thing from your mind.  This does not necessarily mean our relationship with God is not growing.  I am reminded of a wonderful insight I heard years ago about prayer – “pray as you can.”  I have found comfort in this insight over the years, especially at different times of chaos, personal and professional struggle, family sickness, crisis, , etc.  “Pray as you can” reminded me that chaos, struggle, family sickness, crisis, was exactly what I could be bring to prayer.  Seeking to understand God’s will in those moments became times of real conversation with God:  sometimes a brief call for help; sometimes a few angry words; frequently a why is this happening now; often a here this is yours kind of prayer.  Ultimately I learned a few things which I can share with you: the particular challenge passes; I had to be honest about my shallow faith in these moments – very embarrassing; the moments when I managed well were totally gifts of grace; and looking back I could see how close and lovingly active God was in my life during these times. I still do not know why I missed God’s loving presence and action as it was happening.  Why am I offering all this and asking how your Advent is going?  Because if you are struggling and Advent is the furthest thing from your mind right now, just “pray as you can.”  God is right there, never left, loving you, and guiding your path.

This week, we light the Pink Candle to symbolize the joy of St. Paul’s 2nd Reading.  And if you are not feeling particularly joyful and find yourself anxious, hurried, and stressed, believe God is right there and “pray as you can.”

You can read more about the Pink Candle from Kathy Hendricks of Sadlier Religion here: and some of her other posts here:

St. Genevieve pray for us.

God bless,


(Reverend) Carl Janicki

A Glance at the Daily Mass Readings


The Old Testament readings this week build with joy and enthusiasm around the certainty of a coming Messiah. What about Jesus the Messiah brings you joy, certainty and enthusiasm?

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