~Adjustments to our COVID mitigations and Precautions~

~Adjustments to our COVID mitigations and Precautions~

We/I are only ever a phone call away to assist you.  Be assured of our prayers and support.

Thank you, everyone, for your understanding and cooperation with the COVID mitigations and precautions.  As we move forward, here are adjustments to guide us through the summer.

In discussion with Pastoral Council regarding the best way forward for the parish after the
May 31, 2021, PA lifting of COVID restrictions, we have decided to focus first on the Sunday worship experience.  Given that most parish organizations and activities slow during the summer, we are going to emphasize the Sunday worship experience and plan the Parish Life Calendar starting in the Fall.

  • Masks are encouraged in our worship space because of our unique seating configuration, low ceilings, and use of air conditioning.  Also, we want to emphasize community and avoid an “us and them” Church experience, where some wear masks and some don’t.
  • The doors will be open before Mass and again at the end, and will be closed during Mass due to air conditioning.
  • Holy water fonts will be back at doors.
  • The ropes between the pews have been removed. People are invited to fill in every other pew to encourage spacing.
  • Communal pew missals will be available, and people are encouraged to use sanitizing wipes before and after using them.
  • Oregon Catholic Press (OCP) has a phone app available for purchase for those who want to follow along, with the Mass readings using their phones, etc.   (Breaking Bread 2021 eMissal – 4.99 in app stores)
  • We will begin using two servers at Sunday Masses, one sitting and kneeling on each side of the sanctuary. The cross bearer will assist with the serving at the altar. Daily Mass servers will begin in the Fall.
  • We will not pass the collection basket until later. We encourage people to consider the online giving option. Online giving can be found at: osvhub.com/parish-of-st-genevieve/funds. Also please note, the weekly collection totals have been about $4,000.00 below what we need to maintain a balanced budget.
  • We will reintroduce the sign of peace, and ask people to be patient with one another regarding hesitancy to shake hands.
  • Communion in the hands will still be requested. If someone receives on the tongue, the celebrant/Eucharistic Minister will sanitize hands after each communicant.
  • We will use EM’s to assist with Communion on the St. Joseph side to start.
  • We will continue to wipe pews down after each Mass.
  • We will not immediately begin home or facility visits for EM’s at this time.
  • Saturday Confessions will stay in the Narthex.


We know different churches will implement this next phase of COVID precautions in different ways according to their church configuration and community.   Given our worship space configuration, we have determined this is our best way forward at this time.  We will continue to evaluate and adjust as needed.


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