From Father Carl – August 2, 2020

I am very grateful for the feedback we have been receiving regarding our various spiritual efforts in light of COVID 19. Please continue to ask questions and offer observations.

Our pastoral team has begun the conversation about live streaming, and what spiritual offerings can be made through different technology platforms. Our foundational question remains, how do we best serve the community? And how do we grow together as disciples of Jesus Christ?

Any technology we employ will entail artistic and production talent. If you have such skills and talent, please pray over how God may be calling you to use these gifts in the service of the community.

St. Paul’s question in the 2nd reading today, “what will separate us from the love of Christ?” is a good reminder about our COVID 19 situation. Social distancing, masks, gathering, crowd size limits, all large gatherings cancelled in Philadelphia to the end of February, etc. create a sense of separation from one another for the near future. These COVID 19 precautions also challenge us to be creative as we answer St. Paul’s question and find ways to communicate “I care” to the stranger and neighbor we encounter throughout our day, and “I love you” to our friends and family members.

We enjoy walking our faith journey with you and will continue to serve you as we have in the past, just using new ways because of COVID 19.

Please call the Rectory if you need us, and know I am only ever a phone call away. Be assured of my continued prayers and support for you and your loved ones.

God bless, Carl
(Reverend Carl Janicki)


~A Glance at the Daily Mass Readings~

The readings this week highlight God’s plan as it unfolds in the life of the Old Testament community in exile and from Matthew’s Gospel (chapters 14&15) in the life of Christ’s disciples. A virtue highlighted in the prophetic words of Jeremiah and for the disciples is patience. As we know God’s plan unfolds over time (God’s time – Kairos) which means patience exercised as a virtue increases faith in the God whose plan and timing is always perfect, even if we struggle to fully understand. In prayer, it is always OK, to ask, “Lord, what is Your plan in all this” and then listen for God’s gentle and reassuring guidance. Patience as a virtue can mean, one step, one day, one moment at a time with the Lord.

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