From Father Carl – November 29, 2020

From Father Carl

Monday, March 16, 2019 was the first day of stay at home due to Covid.  We were told to take home two weeks’ worth of work.  Now, 260 days later, we are still facing restrictions, categories of essential and non-essential, shutdowns, limits, mitigation measures, frustration, anxiety, fear, sickness, and death.  As people of love, we continue to hope and pray for an end to all this.

As we enter the season of Advent, a simple reminder, Advent is the season of hope.  As the natural cycle moves toward December 21, 2020 the day with the least amount of daylight, we light an addition candle on the Advent Wreath.  Advent is the season of hope because of Jesus Christ – Emmanuel, God with us, the Light of the World who has conquered sin and darkness.

This year for Advent keeping with the spirit of the season we will use the Latin Sanctus and Agnus Dei.  The use of these chants will allow us to hear that Advent is different from Ordinary Time and the Christmas Season.  Using a second language in our communal prayer can strengthen our sense of community reminding us English in not the primary prayer language of all members of our community.

Advent is the season of hope because it calls us to focus on Jesus and others.  As the now deceased former Archbishop of Chicago, Cardinal Bernardin wrote: “one can easily distinguish essentials from peripherals in the spiritual life.  Essentials as us to give true witness and to love others more.  Nonessentials close us in on ourselves.”  (The Gift of Peace, pg. 16-17, 1997).


Thank you for being people of love, love of God and love of others.


We/I are only ever a phone call away to assist you.  Be assured of our prayers and support.


St. Genevieve Pray for us.

God bless,


(Reverend) Carl Janicki



A Glance at the Daily Mass Readings


In the First Readings this week, Isaiah is constantly calling the people to faithfulness with God.  All the images used can stir up a sense of hope.  As Joyce Rupp, O.S.M. puts it, “the combination of hope and joy inherent in this rich period of preparation and remembrance stirs my heart with renewed confidence in God’s abiding presence.”  (Welcome the Light: Daily Devotions of Advent, pg.7, 2015 In the midst of Covid turmoil and stress, may the joy and hope of Advent stir in us the awareness of God’s loving presence and loving action.

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