From Father Carl – November 22, 2020

From Father Carl

Reflecting upon Revelation 15:1-4, our First Reading for Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI offered this insight: “It is possible to discern the divine action that is concealed in history.” The Second Vatican Council, in the Pastoral Constitution Gaudium et Spes, also invites believers to examine the signs of the times in the light of the Gospel, in order to find in them a manifestation of God’s action (cf. nn. 4, 11). This attitude of faith leads men and women to recognize the power of God who works in history and thus to open themselves to feeling awe for the name of the Lord. In biblical language, in fact, this “fear” is not fright, it does not denote fear, for fear of God is something quite different. It is recognition of the mystery of divine transcendence. Thus, it is at the root of faith and is interwoven with love. Sacred Scripture says in Deuteronomy:  “What does the Lord, your God, ask of you but to fear the Lord, your God, and… to love… the Lord, your God, with all your heart and all your soul” (cf. Dt 10: 12). As St. Hilary of Poitiers, a fourth-century Bishop, said:  “All our fear is in love”.

As we bring this liturgical year to a close and prepare for the new liturgical year on the First Sunday of Advent, November 29, 2020, a question we can ask ourselves is, when we examine the signs of the times in light of the Gospel, what is God asking of me?  A hint, whatever it is, it will involve love.

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Be assured of my continued prayers and support for you and your loved ones.

St. Genevieve pray for us.

God Bless,


(Rev. Carl Janicki)


A Glance at the Daily Mass Readings


Theologian Megan McKenna, looking at the readings for Tuesday, reminds us: How do we live today – that is what is of issue here?  Admittingly, sometimes Scripture can seem old, confusing, and out of touch.  However, when we quiet our soul, listen, and allow the Word to settle into our hearts – how I am being called to live right here, right now, becomes quite clear.  Then, what I do makes all the difference.

Welcome Guna Pantele

Thank You Vince DiFrancesco

This weekend represents a transition for us as a parish community.  We say thank you and good luck to Vince who served as music director beginning in June 2019.  Vince coordinated our Church music through challenging times and always played to lift hearts and souls in prayer through song. Thank you, Vince.

We say welcome to Guna Pantele, who will serve as our new music director and lead our cyber-ministry.  Guna’s passion and creative spirit will benefit our community in many new ways as we all grow together in this hybrid ministry.  Welcome Guna, and thanks for sharing your words in this bulletin.



Advent Scripture Series

This program will be offered via Zoom with Fr. Carl. On December 3, 10, and 17, we will focus on the upcoming Sunday Gospel. These sessions will be offered at 12noon and again at 7pm.

Closing prayer from November 22 Lectio Divina (please see site below):  Lord God, you have set Jesus, your Son, to be universal king and judge. He will come at the end of time to judge all the nations. He comes to us every day in a thousand ways and asks us to welcome Him. We meet Him in the Word and in the broken bread. But we also meet Him in our broken brothers and sisters, disfigured by hunger, oppression, injustice, sickness, and the stigma of our society. Open our hearts that we may welcome Him today in our lives so that we may be welcomed by Him in the eternity of His realm.  We ask this through the same Christ our Lord. Amen.

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